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I'm an artist, philosopher, tree hugger, and tattoo fanatic. My tumblr reflects these things, but more importantly, I want to glorify God. God is magnificent and wonderful, all of the glory goes to Him. I'm by no means perfect, but for the first time in my life I am genuinely happy because I realize that God blesses me constantly. I do not believe myself to be above sin and I still deal with sin's temptations. The devil still tries to bring me down every day, but thanks to God, the devil only nags me from behind. My attention is on God and God's magnificence. God has saved me and now I put all of my trust in Him to guide me. God is my GPS on the road of my life and the devil is merely an annoying backseat driver. The devil can try all he wants, but I have my hands on the wheel and God is the only one that directs me.
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